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Crowd Control Stanchions

Mr. Chain is a leading provider of plastic stanchions including crowd control stanchions. When used with our plastic chain, our plastic posts make a sturdy crowd control barrier for indoor or outdoor spaces including in industrial & manufacturing and construction applications. They also work well for designating parking areas and safe walkways as well as temporary barricades around work areas. Our stanchions when used with our chain designate safe walkways, create awareness for potential hazards, create safe work zones, and can restrict access. They meet OSHA standards for non-conductive barricades, color identification and visual barriers.

We offer 2” and 3” crowd control stanchions with a height of 41” as well as 2.5” plastic posts with a height of 40”. Our 2” and 2.5” stanchions have a hollow base size of 14” and our 3” stanchions have a base size of 16” that can be filled with sand or gravel for added stability. The base of the 2” and 3” stanchions are pre-drilled with holes to permanently attach to floors or ground. Our plastic posts come complete with regular ball tops, bases, poles and c-hooks. They can also be ordered with a choice of two solar ball tops if desired. All of our products contain UV inhibitors to maintain the integrity of the product and our colorant is specially formulated to protect against fading with a guarantee no-fade for five years.

Plastic Post Colors Include:

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Red
  • Safety orange
  • Safety green

We also offer safety label stanchions that can feature labels such as caution, wet floor or high voltage also, Do Not Enter, No Smoking, and Handicap. Custom labels are also available. Contact us today for your crowd control stanchion needs.

3" Yellow in plant