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Plastic Chains and Stanchions

Mr. Chain is the only US manufacturer of plastic chain. Our founder, Michael Russo, invented the process used to manufacture plastic chain and we have been making plastic chain in our Michigan facility since 1969. Mr. Chain offers more styles, sizes, and colors of plastic chain than any other source in the world. In fact, because Mr. Chain is the manufacturer, we can make any color chain. For larger orders, we will create custom colors that could be used to match school or team colors, or company logos. Plastic chain can be packaged in almost any length in cartons, pails, and reels. Alternating chain can also be made using any of the chain colors to create unique patterns.

Mr. Chain products, especially plastic chain, have been used in thousands of factories, construction sites, retail stores, hospitals, nursing homes, parking lots, schools, polling precincts, distribution centers, oil fields, military bases, and homes. The chain and stanchions are also perfect for events like weddings, car shows, festivals, and art shows. Mr. Chain ships anywhere in the world.

The purposes of Mr. Chain products include safety, crowd control, visual barriers, decorative barriers, animal identification collars (identifying mom and baby or a special diet), pet toys, movie props and set decorations, oil field visual barriers, down spouts, boat moorings, curtain ties, planter hangings, loading dock lock out, and distribution center lock out. New uses for our chain barrier posts and accessories are being discovered by our customers all the time.

Mr. Chain products have appeared in several major motion pictures and on TV shows.

Mr. Chain is an innovative company and is committed to developing and manufacturing new products. In the last five years, Mr. Chain has developed the following products: the snap reflector, X-Treme stanchion, chain connector clips, the loading dock supplies kit, and the chain cone connector (C3). Every one of these products is unique to Mr. Chain and available only from Mr. Chain or one of its distributors. Mr. Chain is a WBE, or Women-owned Business Enterprise, and has been owned, operated and managed by members of the same family since its inception in 1960. All employees are located in Northern Michigan.


The Original Plastic Chain

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Plastic Chain is intended for decorative purposes only. Not intended to support heavy objects. Plastic chain must not be used where a break might cause damage or injury.