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Plastic Chain

Mr. Chain is the original manufacturer of plastic chain in the United States. We offer 8 sizes, 3 styles, 20 colors, and unlimited bi-colors. Any 2 of our chain colors can be combined to create a bi-color chain and ordered in wholesale quantities. The colors alternate approximately every 2 feet. Our sizes range from 3/4" up to 5” links. Detailed drawings are available for each size and style. Our 2” heavy duty chain is available in 10’ sections in chrome plated, brass (gold) plated, and black chrome plated.

Our colored plastic chain has been formulated to be free of heavy metals and phthalates. It is strong and durable with a UV protectant to resist fading and protect the integrity of the material whether it is used indoors or outside. In fact, we guarantee that our chain will not fade for five years.

While our chain can be used purely as decorative plastic chain, it also performs as a visual warning barrier for construction sites, industrial aisles, loading docks, etc. It is a cost effective tool for crowd control, creating an effective, high visibility barrier and for designating safe work zones.

Our plastic barrier chain complies with OSHA warning line systems as a visual warning system. It is not meant to replace or comply with OSHA mandated guardrail fall protection systems. It complies with OSHA’s color code and non-conductive barricades. Our chain is available in red for danger, yellow for caution, and orange for warning. As many of you are aware, plastic chain does not conduct electricity. It has been used in light rail projects for this very reason.

When used with our stanchions, ground poles, or chain connector clips, it creates an effective crowd control barrier and/or warning barrier. The stanchions and Magnet Ring/Carabiner Kit are for use indoors or outside and the ground poles with a ground stake are specifically designed to be used outside. In addition to our chain being used with crowd control stanchions, it has been used for a variety of other things. Our 5” chain recently appeared in Sleepy Hollow, other sizes of our plastic chain have been in the Marmaduke movie, as well as various other movies. In fact, even UFC light heavy-weight contender Rampage has been seen wearing our plated chain as a necklace. Some of our customers purchase our chain to make pull toys for children, jewelry, sugar glider toys, bird toys, to identify mommy goats or alpachas and their babies, to indicate specific diets/feeds, it has been used as doorways in zoos and aviaries, as decoration on handbags and clothing, in store displays and along garden walkways, on golf courses, and in marinas. Our plated chain is included in a plated kit and is perfect for car shows or lobbies. As we produce our chain, it is put into a Gaylord. When your order is received, the chain is cut to order (minimum order of 25 feet). We can ship continuous pieces of our 3/4" to 2” heavy duty up to 500’ in a box, of our 3” up to 300’, and of our 4” and 5” plastic chain up to 100’. Or, even an entire Gaylord is available for shipping, if needed. Each size is also available in various lengths in pails, on reels or in bags.

The Original Plastic Chain

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Plastic Chain is intended for decorative purposes only. Not intended to support heavy objects. Plastic chain must not be used where a break might cause damage or injury.