When and where should Caution Tape be used?

"This is Part 3 of a series on the different uses of visual barriers."

There are instances where the use of Barricade Tape, more commonly referred to as Caution Tape, may be the best choice. Caution tape should be used at accident or crime scenes, as a short-term visual barrier like a condemned house, and to avoid contamination of a crime scene. We have all seen caution tape on the ground or blowing around after rain or in strong winds. There are some places, like airport aprons, where caution tape is not allowed because it can blow around and damage jet engines.

On the other hand, plastic chain is the better visual barrier option for applications such as traffic safety, construction work sites, marking off dangerous equipment, and public events. Plastic chain is recyclable and environmentally friendly, reusable, long lasting, and easy to store. Warning and danger signs can be connected to the chain to provide a simple and flexible solution.

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