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Plastic Stanchions

We have the largest selection of plastic stanchion (also referred to as ground posts) sizes and colors. Our plastic stanchions, chains and accessories work great for decorative purposes and crowd control – from weddings to funerals and everything in between. No matter the need, from directing crowds, forming lines, restricting access, to creating an inviting space, Mr. Chain has a crowd control solution for you.

We currently offer four different sizes and styles of stanchion posts. Our plastic stanchions include four pieces – the ball top, the pole, the base and the C-hook.

The measurements are actually the diameters of the poles, and we have a 2” (light duty), 2-1/2” (medium duty) and 3” (heavy duty) stanchion, plus the X-Treme (extra heavy duty) stanchion.  The style of each are totally different.