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Plastic Chain Repair Links

Connecting Link

Mr. Chain Connecting links are a 1-piece link used for repairing Mr. Chain that has been cut or broken, and for attaching things to Mr. Chain such as signs. It is also used for connecting two chain ends when making animal collars or any circle of chain that needs a “break-away” connection. These 1-piece connectors are sold in 2 sizes, small and large. The small Connecting Link fits Mr. Chain sizes 1” or 1.5”. The large size Connecting Link fits Mr. Chain sizes 2” or 2” heavy duty chain. The Connecting Link is sold in all the colors of Mr. Chain that is made in the 1”, 1.5”, 2”, and 2” Heavy Duty chain sizes. It is a strong and durable link that is easily reusable for opening and closing ends of chain. It will not rot, rust, corrode, or fade for many years

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Plastic Chain is intended for decorative purposes only. Not intended to support heavy objects. Plastic chain must not be used where a break might cause damage or injury.