American Flag made from 1" plastic ring chain

As a U.S. manufacturer, of course, we at MR CHAIN use the Made in USA as much as we can as a marketing tool.  It is really a crime that so many of our core industries are gone or fading fast.  Not that many years ago, our cars came from Detroit; our furniture came from North Carolina or Grand Rapids, MI; shoes were made in Massachusetts, and textiles were from South Carolina.  Today, that is no longer true, and it takes a concerted effort to find American made clothing, electronics, or appliances.  As a plastic injection molder, we find it a challenge ourselves to buy a US made molding machine.  Eight of our 12 injection molding machines were made in Japan, and finding parts and especially service is a challenge.

So, what can be done to turn this around - or is it too late?  As much as we want to be patriotic and support American workers and businesses, consumers deserve to purchase goods that are the best quality; they deserve world-class service, and competitive prices.  So, as much as we want to do whatever we can as consumers to put Americans back to work, even out our balance of trade, and become more competitive in the world, the answer is not blind protectionism.  As American manufacturer, we  have to make the investments in technology, innovation, and people to be competitive.

We have to play on our strengths and differentiate ourselves from foreign competition.  At Mr CHAIN, we have focused on three areas: goods are in stock and ready to ship; products are made only from prime materials, and we have a huge array of colors and sizes.  As the costs of shipping increase, and currency rates fluctuate, we are getting much closer to being competitive on pricing also, but, in the meantime, we are concentrating on offering a better product, and wider selection, and immediate shipment.  Our customers deserve no less, and while we are very proud to say "Made in America", we also know we have to back that up with superior products and performance.