Answers to last weeks questions!

1) Composite. 2) Formica. 3) Laminate. 4) Jewel case. 5) Polyester. 


Can you go 7 for 7?

1) Plastic encasing a product against a cardboard sheet is called bubble pack or this more painful name.

2) Polypropylene containers melt at 320 deg., so they are safe to put in this appliance that uses 140-degree water

3) What is the most recent chain added to the product line-up?

4) The "V" in PVC, it's energy-efficient because it's made more of salt than petroleum

5) Dow Chemicals says this trademarked polystyrene insulation material isn't used to make cups, as often thought

6) Used in plastic bags (and Mr. Chain products), HDPE & LDPE stand for these two types of "polyethylene"

7) How many sizes of stanchions does Mr. Chain currently manufacture and sell?

Answers and questions from the "Jeopardy!" game show provided by .

1) Blister pack. 2) A dishwasher. 3) Glo-Chain 4) Vinyl. 5) Styrofoam. 6) High density and low density. 7) Four.