In the past, many were concerned with the use of plastic materials and the effect it has on the environment and our health, especially when used for packaging consumer goods. However, strong evidence has emerged for both the pro-plastic and anti-plastic arguments. Here are some of the top reasons to choose plastic in 2012.

SAFETY.  Not only do we use plastic chain and stanchions to promote safety and reduce injury, plastic has been proven to be a safe material to use. Here at Mr. Chain, we have reformulated all the colors, with the exception of safety orange and safety green, of our chain and stanchions to be free of heavy metals. Our safety green and safety orange chain and stanchions still contain the heavy metals to aid in the fade resistance when they are used out-of-doors. We are currently experimenting with these two colors and positive they too will soon be free of heavy metals. In additional to our products being free of heavy metals, plastic does not shatter or break when dropped. It is a great alternative to glass or metal especially when used around children.

RUST RESISTANT. Unlike metal products, plastic products are rust resistant therefore allowing a wider and more versatile range of use. In addition to being rust resistant, Mr. Chain's products are also fade and weather resistant.

AESTHETICALLY PLEASING. Along with the flexibility and many uses for plastic in general, Mr. Chain products are aesthetically pleasing with their bright colors and many shapes and styles. Below is a photo of our lawn edging that adds the perfect finishing touch to any landscaping project.

ECO-FRIENDLY. Before plastics were recyclable, it was understood that it could take up to 500 years to disintegrate on earth. All of Mr. Chain’s products can be recycled. In addition to the long life of plastics, we can all use the material with ease knowing it doesn’t have to end up in the garbage.


Til next time,

Mr. Chain