Life as a manufacturer in the United States can be quite a challenge. Complying with federal, state and local regulations; continually maintaining product quality; controlling costs, especially for raw materials and employee health insurance; offering world-class customer service - all of these seem to be issues that our foreign competitors don't have to face. Over the years, we have had to change our marketing strategies and constantly be aware that we don't play with the same rules as manufacturers outside the United States. To make up for those difficulties, we offer our products in more colors and more sizes. We have three warehouses of inventory so we can ship almost every order within one working day. We will cut chain to any length, make poles in different lengths,  etc. In short, we will do whatever we can to provide better service and to differentiate ourselves from the competitors who ship entire container loads, and require several weeks lead time.

We have been lucky as a small, family owned company to have the flexibility to change quickly. While we have gone through our own hurdles, life overseas is beginning to change also.

As China’s Workers Get a Raise, Companies Fret

The article above goes into interesting detail about how our international competitors are seeing  the effects of a higher standard of living within their countries and how the price of exporting to the United States is increasing. This may mean bad news for the citizens of the United States in the short term since the cost of goods will increase, but it will also mean more jobs for Americans, and, in many cases, better product quality.

The next step for an equal playing field is to have our copyright laws applied in foreign countries. As of today, our copyrights are under fire overseas. Ourproprietary products, which we research and design, have been copied and produced without any possible recourse. However, that is changing too,

Gary Locke: U.S. 'Making Progress' on Trade With China

It appears as if some companies are having success suing in the overseas courts for copyright infringement. Hopefully the penalties involved in the other court cases will be great enough to defer overseas manufacturers from copying the works of others.

Nevertheless, MR CHAIN is proud to be an American  manufacturer and we plan to be around for years to come no matter what the global situation brings!

God Bless America,

Plastic Pete