The newest addition to Mr. Chain safety products will become part of our Nighttime Safety Collection. This multipurpose Snap Reflector is a 2" diameter medallion with nighttime reflective tape on both sides. It's a one piece molded part with a handy snap hook on the top which can be snapped or clipped onto anything that will fit into the hook design.


The Snap Reflector's primary purpose and use is to snap onto a chain link, plastic or metal, for nighttime visibility. Although, with its unique design and a little imagination, this new part can work with an endless amount of applications. A few examples would be: backpacks, jacket loops, or bicycles, adding to its purpose of nighttime safety and awareness.

Let us know what other ways you have come up with to use the Snap Reflector.

Send an email to: with your ideas.

Til Next Time,

Mr. Chain