Plastic manufacturing can be a dangerous industry if necessary precautions are not taken. In 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a increased number of accidents in our particular industry while many others have seen a gradual decline in incidents over the past few years. There are a number of reasons for a plant to be unsafe. One that we encounter often is the heavy equipment and molds often weighing 1000-3000 lbs. With the efforts of our plant manager and general foreman, M R Products has prevented many injuries. See some common practices below.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)-Every employee or visitor that enters the plant must wear safety glasses at all times. Additionally, studies on new machines are preformed to pinpoint the necessary PPE to be worn while operating that machine.

Workplace Safety Program-M R Products has implemented a workplace safety program to minimize injuries or damage to property.

Operator Rotation-In an effort to prevent repetitive motion injuries, machine operators are required to work a different station every day.

Clean and Organized Plant-Plant Manager, Dennis Stacey, has made it a personal goal to urge his employees to maintain a clean and organized plant. With minimal obstacles and clean, dry floors, many injuries are prevented daily.

Til Next Time,

Mr. Chain