As fall approaches, one can’t help but think about the new school year that will soon be here.  In addition to making sure that classrooms are stocked with all of the necessary supplies, schools also need to be sure that safety is taken care of.

With so many children running around and playing, the parking lot and bus drop-off zones are areas where safety measures are extremely important.

[caption id="attachment_184" align="alignleft" width="300"] Creating controlled bus-loading zones will make dismissal safe and easy.[/caption]

If your school has several bus routes, one way to ease confusion and chaos at dismissal is to create color-coded loading areas. Assign a color to each bus route and, using Mr. Chain plastic links and stanchions, create corresponding spaces near the bus loading zone for students to wait in. Not only does it make sure everybody gets on the right bus, it also keeps students away from the vehicles until they’re safely parked and ready for boarding.

Plastic chains and stanchions can also be helpful in determining areas where parents are allowed to park when they drop their children off in the morning or pick them up in the afternoon.  Driveways and streets near popular pedestrian crossways can be blocked off during those hours, or cars can be routed in a particular direction to facilitate traffic flow.

One advantage with using Mr. Chain products is that they are lightweight, giving you plenty of flexibility.  They can be put in place during high traffic times and removed afterwards, and can also be easily moved while in use.  Safety patrol members could even help set them up each day with adult supervision.


Helping kids stay safe on playgrounds reduces recess worries.

A similar stanchion and chain setup could be used in the lunchroom or in the school library to keep lines organized and moving smoothly, or even on the playground to mark areas that may be off-limits or to create field game areas (such as separate areas for soccer and football).  They can also be used in gardens to keep curious children out of the bushes!

The chains can be custom ordered in your school colors, so not only are they practical, they also help show school spirit!  We also offer stanchions and chainsspecifically designed for pedestrian crossings, which are bright green in color and feature reflective tape for extra visibility.  To explore safety solutions that may be right for your school, please visit our website.