The word "plastic" comes from the Greek, "plastikos".  It means to be shaped or molded.  Plastic is the most used  material in the world.

One of the best things about plastic is that it lasts a long, long time, and that is why there are so many uses for it.  Unfortunately, this also means that it takes a very long time, sometimes hundred of years, for plastic to decompose, so it can create a serious environmental concern.

At MR CHAIN, we make products that last for many years, but when the time has come to dispose of one of our MR CHAIN plastic products, we want to make it easy for our customers to RECYCLE.

Recycling is simply a way to turn old products into new ones.  At MR CHAIN, we use prime quality high density polyethylene, and it is totally recyclable.  In a way, we have our own internal recycling program since any waste material we produce in or manufacturing process is simply ground up into plastic pellets and used again.  We even sell any floor sweepings so nothing goes to waste.

Synthetic resins are used to make plastic and most resins are produced from petroleum.   Although there are hundreds of different plastics, they are belong to two basic types - thermosets and thermoplastics.  Thermoplastics, from which all our MR CHAIN products are produced, can be melted and reformed many times- their polymer chains allow this to happen.

In order to encourage our customers to recycle our products, at MR CHAIN we include the recycling symbol on the base of each of our plastic stanchions.  Here is the recycling symbol for our products -HIg Density Polyethylene

When you see this symbol, this means you can definitely recycle this product. Most Americans have access to recycling programs. Recycling conserves resources, energy and space in landfills - it is also a big business.  There are more than 1,600 businesses in the US alone that recycle post-consumer plastics.

So, please, when your MR CHAIN plastic chain or plastic stanchions finally get old and tired, recycle them, and then come back for some new ones.