Earlier this year Keep America Beautiful (“KAB”) and the Ad Council launched the “I Want to Be Recycled” campaign aiming to motivate recycling in American households. The campaign features common household products for recycling and what they can become once recycled. These include a milk bottle becoming a park bench or a tin can becoming part of a bicycle. “The Ad Council and KAB say that other EPA data indicates only about 35 percent of the 250 million tons of trash Americans generate annually is recycled.” (Source: In the Hopper: SPI’s Business Blog).


Recycling is an initiative in Mr. Chain’s sustainability policy and we urge all customers to recycle products at the end of their life. Plastic chain and stanchionsmade of HDPE are #2 recyclable. Polystyrene used to make our Ground Stakes, Reels, and Edging is #6 recyclable.

Visit IWantToBeRecycled.org to learn more about the campaign and find a recycling center near you.