1) Dustin Hoffman learns about plastics & then busts up a wedding in this classic 1967 film.

2) In 1951 this company put its Elmer's glue into a plastic squeeze bottle with an orange top.

3) In plastic that's heated, the molecules move around and get tangled, reducing the area of the plastic around an object; hence the name. (The category was "Everyday technology").

4) This trademarked DuPont technology protects each fiber of a carpet to prevent stains; you might know it better from cookware.

5) In a line of plastic dolls, her name precedes "Pocket."

Answers and questions from the "Jeopardy!" game show provided by J-Archive.com .

1). "The Graduate." 2) Borden's. 3) Shrink wrap.
4) Teflon. 5) Polly.

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