1) Don Featherstone was the ingenious creator of these pink plastic lawn decorations. (Click here to see Mr. Chain's lawn and garden products!)

2) Plastic containers for leftover food that are fit for a "party" (The category was "The best little "ware" house).

3) "Mr. Flexibility" could have been another name for this popular DC comics star who premiered in 1941.

4) In 1982 this aluminum foil company introduced its product plastic wrap.

5) Despite its name, this Wooster, Ohio housewares company makes most of its products from plastic.

How'd you do this time?

Answers and questions from the "Jeopardy!" game show provided by J-Archive.com .

1) Pink flamingos. 2) Tupperware. 3) Plastic Man.
4) Reynolds. 5) Rubbermaid.