1) Andy Warhol said of these, "Plastic's better than dirty, used money."

2) Australia was the first country to start making bills out of this. They improve security and last much longer than paper bills, if you don't spend them.

3) I am having a sky light made from this, a trademarked name for transparent plastic.

4) In 1961 Wham-O introduced this 25-foot-long plastic sheet to America's backyards.

5) Peter Hodgson Sr. saw the appeal of synthetic rubber that bounced & sold it in a plastic egg under this name.

Answers and questions from the "Jeopardy!" game show provided by J-Archive.com .

1) Credit cards. 2) Plastic. 3) Lucite. 4) Slip 'n Slide.
5) Silly Putty.