Introducing Plastic Trivia from Mr. Chain!

For 10 weeks, Mr. Chain will post a new set of 5 "Jeopardy!" inspired questions related to the plastic industry. Test your knowledge with Week 1 questions!

...and remember, don't peek at the answers.

1) Trademark name for a plastic concave throwing disk; "plastic concave throwing disk", not as catchy a name.

2) Once made of ivory, today they're made of plastic & weigh 5 1/2 to 6 ounces; rack 'em up! (The category was "Having a ball.")

3) In the 1980s college students were combining football & plastic throwing discs to create this "ultimate" sport.

4) Turns out Barbie, age 52, likes younger guys: this plastic man turned 50 on March 11, 2011.

5) In 2000 Fortune magazine named this toy of plastic "automatic binding blocks" the toy of the past century.

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1) A Frisbee. 2) Billiard balls.
3) (Ultimate) Frisbee. 4) Ken. 5) Legos.