As with any product, one challenge we have when selling plastic chain is that most customers are more used to buying metal chain.  So, it seemed to be worth it to add a post about the pros and cons of plastic chain vs. metal chain.

If it is vitally important that the chain holds a lot of weight, by all means, use metal chain.  While we love to sell our plastic chain, no one at Mr Chain wants to be responsible if a car falls off a trailer, or a child's swing falls down.

But, if it is more important to mark off an area for crowd control, here are a few reasons why plastic chain is actually a lot better than metal chain.

Plastic chain is more visible.  And, since  the plastic chain from MR CHAIN comes in 15 standard colors, including bright yellow, safety orange, safety green, and several florescent colors, there is no question that plastic chain is much more visible, especially at night.

Metal chain rusts and plastic chain never does - enough said about that.

Metal chain will damage vehicles, as you know if you ever drove into it.  Protect your investment in snow plows or other maintenance vehicles, and avoid angry customers by making sure their vehicles are unharmed.  You will definitely know you hit something if you drive into plastic chain, but you won't hurt your car, or yourself either.

Plastic chain can be easily repaired.  Use one of Mr Chain's master links, all made to perfectly match our plastic chain, and you will never even see where there was a break.

Plastic chain is light and easily placed in no time at all.  It can be set up for temporary use - to set aside an area for a day - or set up on a permanent basis.  All our plastic chain at Mr Chain is UV treated to retard fading, so it is perfect for outdoor use.

Add to that, all our plastic chain from MR CHAIN is Made in the USA and we have been making it here for over 40 years.  It seems by now, everyone would know that plastic chain can be the superior choice for so many applications, but we are happy to explain all this since we love to talk about our plastic chain.