Over the past five years, plastic material has gotten an increasingly bad reputation. There are many commercials promoting the use of reusable water bottles and reusable shopping bags and slamming the same items made of plastic. Many consumers are unaware of the truth.

Society of the Plastic Industry Business Blog, In The Hopper, first drew our attention to "the folks at Bag The Ban, a website sponsored by bag maker and recycler Hilex Poly." By utilizing humor, Bag The Ban has been able to capture a large audience in an effort to spread the truth about plastic bags.

Below are a few facts about plastic bags from baganxiety.com.

  • Plastic grocery bags are made from U.S. natural gas. Unfortunately, the same isn’t true of many reusable bags -- they’re often made from foreign oil. (That "eco-friendly" bag in your closet might have more oil in it than your car’s engine.)

  • Plastic grocery bags are 100% recyclable. If you live in a community with curbside bag recycling, just toss them in with your other paper and plastic products; if not, drop them off in your grocery store’s plastics recycling bin. (Your bags even have the little recycling symbol on the bottom, so you know it’s true.)

In an effort to spread the truth about plastic materials, their benefits and wide range of uses, Mr. Chain encourages all of you to arm yourself with the facts.

Til Next Time,

Mr. Chain