Hello Everyone,

Welcome to part 1 of 3 of our blog entries for our upcoming convention. After several years away, we are again attending the National Hardware Show as anexhibitor. We are excited to head to Las Vegas to showcase all of our great products. Come visit us at booth #10863 in Lawn & Garden World, where we will have plenty of exciting giveaways to present our plastic chainstanchions and lawn & garden products. Brian Majestic, our sales manager, has been working hard on this project and has been tremendously busy preparing for the show.

But, before we look toward the future, let’s dust off the Delorean and take a step back in time.

Mr. Chain first exhibited at the National Hardware Show in New York. In the 90’s, the show moved to Chicago and we followed. The first set of pictures below highlight our different products from the time period.

The next picture is from our 1996 exhibit and shows the overall booth design. The picture also shows our plastic chainstanchions and crowd control products.

As you can imagine booth design has changed considerably in the 21st century and in our next blog of the series we will be showing off the new booth fromExhibit Design Consultants.

Thanks for reading!


Plastic Pete