For all of you businesses out there looking for a new home, Muskegon - our neighbor to the south - is upping the ante to add Michigan to your short-list.  They are participating in a program called the "Muskegon 25," in partnership with Muskegon County, Dalton Township and the Muskegon Area First economic development group.


In short, companies that promise to create at least 25 new industrial jobs will be given space in one of the area's two industrial parks.  According to theKalamazoo Gazette article, "the creation of 25 jobs gets a company five acres, 50 jobs gets 12 acres, 75 jobs get 20 acres and 100 jobs gets 30 acres." In addition, companies will be eligible for tax incentives and reduced utility rates.


These efforts come as a result of the county's current jobless rate, which is at 13.9%. Increases in manufacturing jobs would go a long way in restoring the area's vitality. While not all experts and industry insiders agree on the effectiveness of tax breaks and credits, they all cite incentives as being paramount to succeeding in a recovering economy.


As a fellow Michigan-based business, Mr. Chain wishes Muskegon the best of luck at improving the manufacturing landscape in their area.