The traditional Mr. Chain logo, developed by Mr. Russo in 1969, has aided in M R Products, Inc. emerging as a successful player in the plastic manufacturing industry over the past 51 years.

Today, we are officially introducing the new Mr. Chain logo! Mr. Chain recently received a grant from Michigan Business: Surviving to Thriving. With this grant a complete marketing plan was developed by Power Marketing and Research of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The plan covered communications, a newsletter format, and the development of our new logo. There were several steps during the planning stage which included the completion of a workbook provided by Power Marketing. Combined with the completion of the workbook and much discussion, Power Marketing presented us with four different logos. After thorough consideration, we all agreed that the one pictured below best represented Mr. Chain with the incorporation of the chain links and a clean, modern look.

We will be rolling out new branding in all areas of the business gradually. You will see the new branding on our website (, blog (, catalogs, and packaging. While we continue to experience new stages of growth in the plastic manufacturing industry, we are also moving forward to improve our brand recognition and awareness surrounding plastic chain and stanchions.