When and where should metal chain be used?

"This is Part 2 of a series on the different uses of visual barriers."

As a plastic chain manufacturer, we openly admit that plastic chain is not always the perfect solution for every situation. There are in fact times where metal chain should be used. Metal chain should be used when strength is a necessity for both safety and carrying capacity. Common applications might include the following: on rooftops for fall protection; for lifting five hundred-pound molds; securing heavy machinery for transport; and for other load bearing needs.

Some situations aren’t as apparent though. Metal chain is commonly used in parking lots, for crowd control, and as a visual barrier. These types of applications may not be the best use of metal chain and plastic chain might be a better option. Plastic chain is economical, more visible, available in a variety of colors, doesn’t rust, and won’t damage a vehicle.  If you have questions about which product will best suit your needs, call Mr. Chain to help you through the process at 800.324.5861.

car driving through plastic chain