MR CHAIN Flag, featured at the GSA show in Orlando

As a new GSA contract holder, MR CHAIN was attending its first GSA show in Orlando, Florida this May.  We wanted to emphasize that MR CHAIN is a US manufacturer.  Our idea was to make a US flag completely out of plastic chain.  We decided to use our one inch ring plastic chain, since the ring style is a perfect circle.  Of course, we used our standard red and white plastic chain, plus one of our specialty colors - cobalt blue.  Since the booth was less than 10 feet wide, we wanted the flag to be about five feet wide, so we knew that approximately 60 rows of one inch chain would work.  For the rod, we purchased a metal dowel and used one inch red and cobalt blue master links as the top row on the rod.  The stripes were easy - just four red and four white links for the height of each stripe, so the flag had to be 52 links in height to make the thirteen stripes.. Actually, we used four red links, a white master link, two white links, another white master link, four red links, etc.  Besides using a real American flag as a guide, we also purchased a rug hooking pattern to get the proper proportions.  The stars were the biggest challenge since they have to be spaced vertically with six columns of five stars each and five columns of four stars each.  The rows also had to be staggered vertically.  After some experimenting, the most authentic looking stars needed to be placed using two columns each - each star uses four rings of white chain.  None of the vertical rows of chain are connected to each other at all.  We simply hung the rod on two or three vertical supports, and spaced the columns of chain evenly along the rod. Overall, it took 3,120 links of one inch ring chain to make.the entire MR CHAIN U.S.flag. Since there is never more than four links of any one color in a column, this required lots of cutting. With a little pattern planning, it would be possible to make any country, state or college flag out of plastic chain.

The flag was a huge hit with GSA show attendees, and it attracted lots of people to the MR CHAIN booth.  Many people wanted to examine it to see how it was made, and several took pictures.  We even had a few people who wanted to purchase the flag from us, but it was not for sale.  Now, the flag has a place of honor on the wall in our factory in Copemish, Michigan.