For those animal lovers out there, did you know you can make safe and colorful pet toys with Mr. Chain products?


This bird toy offers an exciting activity for your feathered friend.

Birds love the bright links, which are used to suspend bells, mirrors, beads, and other interesting objects from the cage.  This gives your feathered friends an interactive, engaging activity to exercise both their brains and their beaks.  The folks at Greenfeather Bird Supply have come up with some clever ideas to keep your birds busy, with toys and objects of various shapes and sizes.

Another pet that enjoys toys made with Mr. Chain plastic chain are sugar gliders!  Online vendors, such as Spoonful of Sugars sell the lightweight chain to craft your own toys for these adorable marsupials.  You can also create a gym for these little guys by stringing chains around the cage for climbing and exploring.

The key is to provide toys and an environment that offers a lot of stimulation and interest for your pet.  The combination of colors, textures as well as sounds make these and similar pieces a good option for your animals and a fun project for you and your family!