That’s All Folks!

Plastic Pete has unfortunately gone the way of the dodo bird and will no longer be able to handle the blogging duties for Mr. Chain. Plastic Pete has retired to the Sunshine State where he was lucky enough to find a home in foreclosure that was right in between the Road Runner and Wiley Coyote. (Plastic Pete was never the best decision maker).

He wishes everyone the best and can’t wait to see everyone again during the annual picnic at Crystal Mountain.

So who is the next blog writer? Well with great excitement, we are proud to introduce the ORIGINAL Mr. Chain! Mr. Chain started the company back in the 1960s and ran the company for over 40 years. He has now made the decision to return to the corporation as our feature writer.

The portrait below is a picture from his days as a World War II Ace Fighter Pilot (see our previous blog about his accomplishments).

So please say “Hello” to Mr. Chain and check back soon for his first blog!