Dennis Stacey, our Vice President and Plant Manager, will celebrate 30 years with the Company today, February 14.  Over that time, Dennis has seen the Company grow from a very small plastics injection-molding business, making parts for automotive customers, to a 30 person injection molder and extrusion business, making proprietary parts only for our own chain of distributors.  Dennis is responsible for all aspects of plant operations, including product quality, production standards, worker safety, and building, machine and tooling maintenance, etc.  Over the years, he has also been responsible for new product development which begins with his drawings on a drafting table or CAD, and ends with completed product testing in our factory.  The 2" HD chain was one of Dennis' many product ideas, as is the snap reflector, and he is now working on the launch of our latest new product, the X-Treme Duty Stanchion (see article left).


Dennis is originally from British Colombia, has lived in Alaska, and enjoys hunting, fishing, riding his Harley, and spending time with his wife, children and granddaughter. He lives in Copemish. MI.