Birdie Britches seeks to create intriguing toys to keep birds curiously entertained for hours. Owner Lisa McManus says, "Toys should be intriguing to the birds, but also pleasing to their owners.  I will sit and watch the birds play to see what toys attract them and hold their interest-a particular shape, a particular texture, sound, or color, or all four stimulants.  They will even change their preferences from day to day, but still have their favorites. " Birdie Britches are also designed to intrigue and delight the owners as well.

About The Toys

Birdie Britches are great foraging toys designed for hours of discovery.  Made from infant and children's overalls of denim or denim weight material, something is hidden in each pocket or hanging from the belt loops; such as in-shell almonds wrapped in a coffee filter or brightly colored plastic chain; a poly rope strung with beads hangs from a belt loop, a small stuffed toy has its head sticking out of a pocket.  The birds love the foraging aspect as well as the comfort of snuggling up to cloth while pet owners love the fact that the britches can be thrown in the washer when they are dirty and refilled with new surprises. (See the full excerpt at

Toys by Birdie Britches are tested by their team of board certified toy testers - Lalo the Military Macaw, Cody Ann the African Grey, Maddie the Greater Vasa, Zelda the White Belly Caique, Hummer the White Eared Conure, Buster the Blue Front Amazon, Tribble the Alexandrine, and the rest of the toy testing crew.

Mr. Chain has made it possible for animal lovers to incorporate plastic chain into many toys and accessories for pets by reformulating the chain material to be free of heavy metals.

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