Mr. Chain is not just about crowd control products. We are also about employees and their diverse lifestyles. Mr. Chain has several employees who enjoy riding their motorcycles and this blog is dedicated to those individuals.

Dennis Stacey is shown below on his Harley,

Dennis's Harley is styled to recall the past, the Heritage Softail® Classic is a bike for riders who want the comfort of a softail bike with the classic look of a 1930's hardtail.

We do have one more picture of Dennis, which won't make the women and children run screaming. . .

Sheila Merrill is up next on her Honda 600 Shadow. Sheila enjoys different blessing of the bikes ceremonies and was part of Thunder at the River this year. Thunder at the River promotes awareness of Michigan Veterans and POW/MIAs.

Chuck Wiltse with his new (to him) 2001 Electric Glide Classic Harley he purchased last Friday,

Chuck plans on traveling to Sturgis, North Dakota in 2012 to show off the new ride.

Last, but not least is Bobbi Bosley with her husband George sitting on a 2010 Electric Glide Classic Harley.

As you can see from the pictures, our employees have a great collection of motorcycles. But did you also notice the variety of chain and stanchions surrounding each motorcycle and rider?

We market our products to conventions of all kinds but especially to the car and bike enthusiast to protect their investments at shows. Our plated and plastic stanchion kits are lightweight so the cost of shipping is low compared to metal stanchions, and they are elegant enough to be placed around the finest show pieces.

If you would like to purchase any of the kits shown, contact our customer service department at your convenience. Please visit our website to see our complete line of chain and stanchions or check with our customer service representative.

Seeya next week,

Plastic Pete