When and where should rope be used for crowd control?

There are places where rope, especially velour or velvet rope works best. Some examples might be in a theater or upscale restaurant. This is usually paired with heavy-duty metal chrome or brass stanchions. This pairing certainly creates a luxury look and feel. It can only be used inside since the rope would not withstand weather, especially moisture and humidity. It would also fade in sunlight. And, since rope is porous, it will retain dust and bacteria and be difficult to clean. (In fact, it is a good idea not to touch roping used for crowd control, since it has probably been touched by many hands.) Of course, this upscale look comes with a hefty price tag.

A simple black stanchion with chain may not look quite as formal, but it has its advantages. It will last much longer, inside and outside, and would be a good solution at a restaurant or theater entrance. It can be easily cleaned since it is not porous, and it comes in many colors. It is also lighter, easier to set up, and much less expensive. It will still provide a very clean and neat appearance, and it serves the purpose in directing people and traffic.

velour rope

plastic chain and stanchions