We have a new press!  On Wednesday, September 13, we received A Negri Bossi Canbio ST400-2920. www.negribossi.com/en-us/.  This machine will be used primarily to make stanchion bases and other larger parts. 

The Canbio ST series features the Tactus touch screen controller and a state-of-the-art servo pump hydraulic system capable of delivering precise process control and excellent power efficiency.

The press is also equipped with a wireless Amico system so that Negri Bossi can monitor, diagnose and even conduct intervention 24 hours a day.   

It is always interesting and exciting to see the riggers and huge fork lifts remove and install large machines.  Here is a video of the new press being moved into position. 

Investing in new equipment is another demonstration of our growth and willingness to make commitments to product quality, energy efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Negri Bossi 2017