We have been very busy this week here at M R Products, Home of Mr. Chain. As a new employee and in the position of the Safety Director, I have learned a lot about some of my fellow employees while interviewing them for Safe and Sound Week. I am always available for suggestions and questions about the safety of our employees. - Theresa Fuller Ann has been an operator at M R Products for three years and recognizes the importance of Safety and Health policies. She encourages her co-workers to follow them as well. Ann feels it is important and it matters because “If others are not practicing safety, it makes everyone unsafe, including me.” Ann enjoys spending her free time with family just hanging out. With a milestone birthday coming up soon she has exciting plans and will be spending some quality time with her cousin. Ann is level headed and has a positive and genuine attitude which warrants her being recognized as a Safety Superhero. Zack has been an operator at M R Products for the past seven years. Moving here from Arizona, he likes the opportunities this area had to offer. When I spoke to Zack about a Safety Profile, he didn’t hesitate and said he would be glad to participate. I posed the question “Do you ask co-workers to follow the Safety Policies at M R Products?” His answer was a resounding, “Yes, I do! It’s important because if they don’t or if they don’t know how to be safe, then they themselves or someone else can get hurt.” He is a very conscientious employee and goes the extra mile when it comes to ensuring quality products. Zack has shared tips with not only me but with his fellow employees. Teamwork comes naturally for him, I believe. We can add Zack to the list of Safety Superheroes at M R Products!