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Category: News Shirley Sutton
Mr. Chain meets OSHA Standards including, but not limited to, Color Identification, Non-Conductive Barricades, and Fall Protection.Read More
Category: News Kathleen Killingbeck


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Category: News Shirley Sutton
We are excited to announce our newly designed website at www.mrchain.com.Read More
Category: News Maree Mulvoy

The concert last night was amazing.  The lead singer was our very own Terry Barber, a shareholder and Director at MR CHAIN, and, of course, a grandson of our founder, Michael Russo. The crowd was so enthusiastic, and the music was glorious.  Thank you, Terry.  You always make us proud.


p.s. Our red stanchions and chain looked great at the entrance!

Category: News Maree Mulvoy

We are always happy to see even more new and unique ways to use plastic chain. Besides the most obvious uses for safety, visual barriers and crowd control, our chain is used for goat collars, jewelry, and has even been featured in several TV shows and movies. On Super Bowl Sunday, imagine our surprise and delight to see the chain used to set up a driving course for a miniature remote-controlled Lexus!


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