After attending this show for several years now, we can honestly say that this was the best Grainger show ever. There was enthusiastic feedback from so many potential customers and from the Grainger sales force. We had more leads than ever before; in fact, probably 100 more than last year!

Our biggest challenge was running out of catalogs, promotional items, products samples, etc., and we had to receive air shipments to keep up with the demand.

One of the highlights was meeting Melissa Mueller, who helped us jump start sales of our loading dock kit by selling 12,500 kits to Old Dominion Freight, back in 2016. It was actually another Grainger salesperson who had given us the idea for this new product in the first place. As a manufacturer, we rely on these people for our new ideas, since they have the most direct contact with the consumer.

The show organization was also impressive, especially the logistics, scheduling, accommodations, transportation, and meals, all on such a large scale. It didn’t hurt that the weather in Orlando was warm (80 degrees) and sunny, all four days.

While these shows can be tiring and certainly physically demanding, we came back energized and so positive for the future.