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According to Webster’s dictionary, “stan·chion  ‘stanChən/


plural noun: stanchions

  1. an upright bar, post, or frame forming a support or barrier
  2. Origin

Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French stanchon, from Old French estanchon, from estance ‘a support,’ probably based on Latin stant- ‘standing,’ from the verb stare .”


We have the largest selection of stanchion sizes and colors - we currently offer four different sizes and styles of stanchions. Our stanchions include four pieces – the ball top, the pole, the base and the C-hook.    The measurements are actually the diameters of the poles, and we have a 2” (light duty), 2-1/2” (medium duty) and 3” (heavy duty) stanchion, plus the X-Treme (extra heavy duty) stanchion.  The style of each are totally different.