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Gothic Plastic Chain


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Our Gothic plastic chain with its unique shape and delicate appearance is ideal for decorative purposes. It can also be used for crafts, pet toys, jewelry, to outline walkways in gardens, and can be paired with Mr. Clips for hanging greeting cards, ball caps, belts, gloves, mittens, purses or stuffed toys, just to mention a few. As with all our chain, it is made with UV protectant added to retard fading and to maintain the integrity of the material. All our chain is guaranteed not to fade or become brittle for five years. The material used is high density polyethylene and is formulated to contain no lead or phthalates. It is strong, durable and recyclable.

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Plastic Chain is intended for decorative purposes only. Not intended to support heavy objects. Plastic chain must not be used where a break might cause damage or injury.