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Plastic Trivia 8


Looking forward to your answers!
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1) An 1890s bottle cap invented by William Painter was lined with this; plastic-lined ones appeared years later.

2) Also known as the Sacco chair, it was designed by Zanotta of Milan & featured a bag filled with plastic beads.

3) In 1983 he skirted 11 islands in Biscayne Bay with sheets of pink plastic.

4) Your average U.S. municipal landfill is over 40% of this product, way more than plastic or metal.

5) How you feel when you're happy, or the joy of putting trash in this product's garbage bags, the first plastic ones sold.


Answers and questions from the "Jeopardy!" game show provided by


Written by Alex Bower — August 28, 2012

Plastic Trivia 7 Answers

Here are the answers to Wednesday's questions?

How did you do?

1) Hula hoop.

2) A Petri dish.

3) Celluloid.

4) A protractor.

5) Rubik's Cube.

Plastic Trivia 7

Please comment your answers to these trivia questions.

Stay tuned, the correct answers will be posted Friday!

1) Wham-O still sells this hip-hugging plastic toy, though not 25 million in 4 months, like when it debuted in 1958.

2) These small glass or plastic dishes used to culture microorganisms are named for a German bacteriologist.

3) Alexander Parkes developed this synthetic plastic material in 1856.

4) You can draw & measure angles with this, often a semicircular piece of transparent plastic.

5) Many books offered step-by-step solutions to this 6-sided plastic puzzle.

Answers and questions from the "Jeopardy!" game show provided by

Written by Alex Bower — August 22, 2012

Plastic Trivia Week 6

1) Your first bat & ball set may have included this perforated plastic ball that doesn't go very far.

2) This toy from Hasbro uses 2 revolving plastic discs around an axis.

3) The material that's laid down where pineapples are planted keeps weeds off, retains warmth, & keeps moisture in; though it's a strip of plastic rather than organic material, it's called this.

4) The reactor is doing a green chemistry trick invented at Argonne--it's using plastic bags to create these, cylinders 50,000 times thinner than a hair, to increase the surface area & the power of batteries.

5) Camphor is used to make plastics, but it's also a common repellent for these clothes-munchers.

Answers and questions from the "Jeopardy!" game show provided by .

1) A whiffle ball. 2) A Sit 'n Spin. 3) Mulch. 4) A nanotube. 5) A moth.

Plastic Trivia Week 5

1) Dustin Hoffman learns about plastics & then busts up a wedding in this classic 1967 film.


2) In 1951 this company put its Elmer's glue into a plastic squeeze bottle with an orange top.

3) In plastic that's heated, the molecules move around and get tangled, reducing the area of the plastic around an object; hence the name. (The category was "Everyday technology").

4) This trademarked DuPont technology protects each fiber of a carpet to prevent stains; you might know it better from cookware.

5) In a line of plastic dolls, her name precedes "Pocket."

Answers and questions from the "Jeopardy!" game show provided by .

1). "The Graduate." 2) Borden's. 3) Shrink wrap.
4) Teflon. 5) Polly.

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Plastic Trivia Week 4

1) Don Featherstone was the ingenious creator of these pink plastic lawn decorations. (Click here to see Mr. Chain's lawn and garden products!)

2) Plastic containers for leftover food that are fit for a "party" (The category was "The best little "ware" house).

3) "Mr. Flexibility" could have been another name for this popular DC comics star who premiered in 1941.

4) In 1982 this aluminum foil company introduced its product plastic wrap.

5) Despite its name, this Wooster, Ohio housewares company makes most of its products from plastic.

How'd you do this time?

Answers and questions from the "Jeopardy!" game show provided by .

1) Pink flamingos. 2) Tupperware. 3) Plastic Man.
4) Reynolds. 5) Rubbermaid.

Plastic Trivia Week 3

1) Andy Warhol said of these, "Plastic's better than dirty, used money."

2) Australia was the first country to start making bills out of this. They improve security and last much longer than paper bills, if you don't spend them.

3) I am having a sky light made from this, a trademarked name for transparent plastic.

4) In 1961 Wham-O introduced this 25-foot-long plastic sheet to America's backyards.

5) Peter Hodgson Sr. saw the appeal of synthetic rubber that bounced & sold it in a plastic egg under this name.

Answers and questions from the "Jeopardy!" game show provided by .

1) Credit cards. 2) Plastic. 3) Lucite. 4) Slip 'n Slide.
5) Silly Putty.

Plastic Trivia 2

Plastic Trivia from Mr. Chain!

...remember, don't peek at the answers.

1) Good for retaining heat, Dogloo's plastic doghouses are designed to look like these northern domiciles.

2) Before there was plastic, this badminton playing piece was made with a cork & feathers.

3) This government department recommended duct tape & plastic sheets to seal a room against a chemical attack.

4) It may make you look "Hefty", but Heloise says a plastic one of these is a great substitute for a raincoat. (The category was "Heloise's college hints.")

5) You could say that this theme park in Billund, Denmark was built block by (plastic) block.

6) This plastic material is used more than any other in Mr. Chain products.

Answers and questions from the "Jeopardy!" game show provided by .

1) Igloos. 2) A shuttlecock. 3) The Department of Homeland Security.
4) A trash/garbage bag. 5) Legoland. 6) HDPE (high density polyethylene)

Plastic Trivia 1

Introducing Plastic Trivia from Mr. Chain!

For 10 weeks, Mr. Chain will post a new set of 5 "Jeopardy!" inspired questions related to the plastic industry. Test your knowledge with Week 1 questions!

...and remember, don't peek at the answers.

1) Trademark name for a plastic concave throwing disk; "plastic concave throwing disk", not as catchy a name.

2) Once made of ivory, today they're made of plastic & weigh 5 1/2 to 6 ounces; rack 'em up! (The category was "Having a ball.")

3) In the 1980s college students were combining football & plastic throwing discs to create this "ultimate" sport.

4) Turns out Barbie, age 52, likes younger guys: this plastic man turned 50 on March 11, 2011.

5) In 2000 Fortune magazine named this toy of plastic "automatic binding blocks" the toy of the past century.

Answers and questions from the "Jeopardy!" game show provided by Don't forget to visit us at

1) A Frisbee. 2) Billiard balls.
3) (Ultimate) Frisbee. 4) Ken. 5) Legos.

Written by Alex Bower — July 05, 2012

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Written by Alex Bower — June 20, 2012

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