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From Product Conception to Distribution

Product development often begins with an idea and many hours of drawing and planning. When Mr. Chain’s drawings are complete we take them to local mold maker, American Die and Mold of Buckley, Michigan. We are all very excited when the finish mold is delivered to the shop and are very close to seeing the product itself. Foreman Rob Baker and Vice President Dennis Stacey run the first shot. There is always a lot to learn about a new mold. Most always, the temperature of the material needs to be adjusted. In some cases the mold will even go back to American Die and Mold a few times before we have the final version capable of producing superior products. As you can see from the series of pictures below of Mr. Chain’s Carabiner, the shots begin to look much better as adjustments are made. The product is now ready for distribution.

Be the first to see the X-Treme Duty Stanchion!

This American- made, original M R Products' design is strong and durable yet light for shipping. The stanchion has a variety of features for ease of use. Equipped with a water bladder that can hold approximately two gallons of water, the stanchion is ideal for heavy-duty, industrial uses. The ribbed handle combined with wheels located on the base make the stanchion highly portable, empty or full. When not in use, the stacking bases store with ease. The stanchion weighs approximately 25 lbs. when full of water.

The X-Treme Duty Stanchion will easily accommodate Mr. Chain's 2”, 2" Heavy Duty, and 3" chain. With a keyhole slot and built-in c-hooks, chain can be run in one continuous length or cut to specific lengths.

Mr. Chain will be exhibiting at the NSC Show from September 30, 2013 to October 2, 2013. Stop by booth #1100 to see the X-Treme!

Check out Mr. Chain in the September issue of the National Safety Council’s Safety+Health magazine.

In preparation for the 2013 National Safety Council Congress and Expo, September 30-October 2, Mr. Chain will be featured in a series of Ads in NSC’s Safety+Health magazine. The magazine “offers comprehensive national coverage of occupational safety news and analysis of industry trends to 86,000 subscribers.” The September issue features 2013’s Rising Stars of Safety. You will find our ad on page 17. Be sure to visit us at booth number 1100!

Stay Safe this School Year

With so many eager children running around the school grounds, safety measures are extremely important. One area of concern is busing. Ease confusion by assigning a color to each bus route and, using Mr. Chain plastic links and stanchions, create corresponding spaces near the bus loading zone for students to wait in. Not only does it make sure everybody gets on the right bus, it also keeps students away from the vehicles until they’re safely parked and ready for boarding. Additionally, driveways and streets near crossways can be blocked off to protect pedestrians, or cars can be routed in a particular direction to facilitate traffic flow.

One advantage with using Mr. Chain products is that they are lightweight, giving you plenty of flexibility. They can be put in place during high traffic times and removed afterwards, and can also be easily moved while in use. The safety barriers can be ordered in your school colors. We also offer stanchions and chains specifically designed for pedestrian crossings (pictured above). Visit to find a safety solution that works for you.


Innovative Product Use

 If you ask anyone involved in professional Supercross racing, you

will find the flagman position to be very dangerous. Customer Mike

LaRocco developed a solution using the base from Mr. Chain’s 3” plastic

stanchion. The base is used to hold up the foam pylon pictured below. He

uses the Safety Warning Lights track side at Supercross and Arenacross

Written by Robert Walker — August 13, 2013

Quality, Consistency and Service!

Providing quality, consistency and service is something every company strives to accomplish. As a domestic supplier, Mr. Chain goes above and beyond.  Product quality and consistency is ensured by monitoring production and inspecting inventory daily. Our materials and dyes are purchased from trusted and reliable sources which serves to preserve the consistency of our products and colors. We value our customers and pay attention to their needs which is reflected in the attention and understanding provided by our customer service.

Mr. Chain brings new and innovative products to the industry. With production and office staff in the same location, custom orders are a breeze and often come with reduced lead time.* Finally, to reduce the lead time to our customers and be able to offer same-day shipping**, a large in-stock inventory of plastic chain, stanchions and accessories are maintained.



*Lead time reduced when compared to imported products.
**Mr. Chain lead time is dependent on size and quantity of order. Shipping turnaround is approximately 24-48 hours.

Heavy Metal Free!


We know that many are concerned with the use of plastic materials and the effect it has on the

environment and our health. Mr. Chain shares that concern and has reformulated all of our colors

to be free of heavy metals. Our products still contain agents to resist fading and protect the integrity

of the product. No worries when using our plastic chain and stanchions!

Mr. Chain Now Offers Custom Labels


Mr. Chain has recently added custom labels to the services available to our customers. Company logo and/or name, warning labels, or customized text can now be added to any of our stanchions and ground posts. Adding labels to stanchions provides more detailed communication when using our product as a visual warning barrier.  

 Available Options: 

Premium Vinyl Label Colors:

  (For indoor/outdoor use, up to 7 years.)

Ink Colors 

White   Red   Black   Clear   Yellow 

Black  Red  White 


Labels are available  in 2" and 4" width. Additional colors and widths available upon request.
Additional lead time required.
call for pricing.

Sales Manager, Brian Majestic

     Brian Majestic is the Sales Manager for Mr. Chain. After 28 years of sales in the trucking industry, he decided to make a career change. For 21 years, he was the sales person to Mr. Chain for Parker Motor Freight and USF Holland. He is a graduate of Western Michigan University with a degree in Marketing.


    Making a career change can be a difficult step sometimes. "This change in my career has been a positive move for me. A big part of making this a positive step for me is how nice and pleasant the Mr. Chain customer base is to work with, as are my co-workers. I am pretty fortunate."

     In his free time, Brian is an active "outdoorsman". He enjoys all kinds of fishing but in particular, he loves to fly fish. "Fly fishing in the western USA is my passion." Hunting behind his English Setters is his other passion. In November, Brian and his wife Brenda will be going to Hawaii for 11 days. Travel, music, camping, fishing, Lake Michigan and being with family are what they enjoy most.

Yellow Chain vs. Caution Tape

Mr. Chain supplies hundreds of feet of yellow chain to the construction industry every year. There are some real advantages to using plastic chain over yellow caution tape. Plastic chain is more durable and will not snap or tear due to weather conditions. It is a great solution for ongoing projects. In addition to being light weight and portable, plastic barrier chain is also reusable and recyclable. And perhaps the most noticeable advantage, your work area will not look like a crime scene!

 No caution tape here!

Call us at 1-800-324-5861 (International call 1-231-378-2251) or email us at

Plastic Chain is intended for decorative purposes only. Not intended to support heavy objects. Plastic chain must not be used where a break might cause damage or injury.