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The concert last night was amazing.  The lead singer was our very own Terry Barber, a shareholder and Director at MR CHAIN, and, of course, a grandson of our founder, Michael Russo. The crowd was so enthusiastic, and the music was glorious.  Thank you, Terry.  You always make us proud.


p.s. Our red stanchions and chain looked great at the entrance!  

We didn't have our own Super Bowl ad, but our yellow chain appeared in one!

We are always happy to see even more new and unique ways to use plastic chain.  Besides the most obvious uses for safety, visual barriers and crowd control, our chain is used for goat collars, jewelry, and has even been featured in several TV shows and movies.  On Super Bowl Sunday, imagine our surprise and delight to see the chain used to set up a driving course for a miniature remote-controlled Lexus!

NEW Magnet Ring/Carabiner and Loading Dock Kit

Mr. Chain's all new Magnet Ring/Carabiner set provides an easy Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) option. Ideal for use in manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and retail stores.


Also new is our Loading Dock Kit. It comes with everything needed to create a high-visibility barrier at any loading dock. The kit includes: 2 Magnet Rings, 2 Carabiners, and 10 feet of 2" Heavy Duty Yellow Chain.

2014 Shows

Mr. Chain will be attending the Safety 2014 show, ASSE Professional Development Conference & Exposition, in Orlando, FL, June 8th – 11th, 2014, Booth 258. In addition, we will also be at the 2014 National Safety Council Congress & Expo, in San Diego, September 15th - 17th , 2014, Booth 5716.
If you would like to meet with us during either show, we would be happy to schedule a meeting with you, or just stop by our booth for a visit. To schedule a meeting, please call Brian Majestic, Sales Manager, at 800.324.5861. If you have questions regarding any of our products or would like additional information, feel free to call (800.324-5861) and anyone of our employees will be able to assist you.

Heavy Metal Free


We know that many are concerned with the use of plastic materials and the effect it has on the

environment as well as our health. Mr. Chain shares that concern and has reformulated all of our colors

to be free of heavy metals. Our products still contain agents to resist fading and protect the integrity

of the product. No worries when using our plastic chain and stanchions!

An interesting perspective on American jobs...

With all the hype about creating American jobs, we invite you to explore this avenue presented by Alex and Ana Bogusky.

As the video states: "It's as simple as this, every time you buy something, make sure its made in America. But you have to pay attention, sometimes even if you think the brand is American, even if there is an America flag on the package, it may not be made here."



Mr. Chain is proud to bring you American-made plastic chain and stanchions for 53 years. Contact us for more information today, and join the pledge to "buy 5% more US-made product and share this video with two people."

“I Want To Be Recycled.”

Earlier this year Keep America Beautiful (“KAB”) and the Ad Council launched the “I Want to Be Recycled” campaign aiming to motivate recycling in American households. The campaign features common household products for recycling and what they can become once recycled. These include a milk bottle becoming a park bench or a tin can becoming part of a bicycle. “The Ad Council and KAB say that other EPA data indicates only about 35 percent of the 250 million tons of trash Americans generate annually is recycled.” (Source: In the Hopper: SPI’s Business Blog).

Recycling is an initiative in Mr. Chain’s sustainability policy and we urge all customers to recycle products at the end of their life. Plastic chain and stanchions made of HDPE are #2 recyclable. Polystyrene used to make our Ground Stakes, Reels, and Edging is #6 recyclable.

Visit to learn more about the campaign and find a recycling center near you.

2013 NSC Congress & Expo

The 2013 NSC Congress & Expo was a huge success for Mr. Chain! Connecting with customers and showcasing the new Magnet Ring/Carabiner Kit were among the highlights. There were also many stanchions to see, including the new and improved X-Treme Duty Stanchion, and the ever popular 2" Yellow Chain. Mr. Chain also unveiled an entirely new booth as seen below. 



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Plastic Chain is intended for decorative purposes only. Not intended to support heavy objects. Plastic chain must not be used where a break might cause damage or injury.